Trusted Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Degreasing and Fire Suppression for Restaurants,Commercial Kitchens Throughout the Carolinas

Kescor is the Carolinas’ experts in commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and keeping commercial kitchens from catching on fire.  In addition to five star service and never cutting corners, we reliably show up on time and work around your schedule.  Our clients can see their maintenance history and future schedule any time through our online customer portal.  All of this adds up to more value and safety for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Hood Cleaning is a standard part of routine maintenance of any cooking establishment. By keeping your kitchen’s exhaust system and other restaurant equipment clean you will not only reduce the risk of kitchen fires but also improve ventilation, keeping your kitchen cooler and help keep your restaurant free from greasy smells.

Fire Suppression Systems- We offer customized fire suppression solutions based on your restaurant or commercial kitchen needs.

Emergency Repairs- We offer emergency repairs on exhaust fans, access panels and fire suppression systems

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Read Kescor Owner Eric Dyer’s article, Grease Removal Devices, that was published in the Journal of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.
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Protect Your Facility from the Hazards of Grease!

Kescor Green Solutions can help you find the grease management system that is right for your establishment.
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GET RID OF GREASE THE GREEN WAY: New Grease Lock Filter Systems

The new Grease Lock disposable grease removal device (DGRD) offers “green” solution by removing the grease before it enters the exhaust system, thus preventing grease accumulation in the exhaust system, reducing the frequency of cleaning it, and minimizing associated fire hazard. Grease Lock is bio-degradable & high efficiency DGRD.

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