3 Pounds of Grease Left Inside the Average Restaurant Hood Filter

Check out this great 30 second video. It shows a relatively clean looking restaurant hood filter that was cleaned daily by their kitchen staff versus the same type of filter that was cleaned off site professionally by a filter exchange company. The filter cleaned by the restaurant staff weighed in at 6.15 pounds compared to the professionally cleaned filter which weighed in at 3.1 pounds. That’s 3 POUNDS OF GREASE! And this filter “looked” pretty good on the outside.

3 pounds of grease build up inside of one hood filter is a serious fire hazard and it could cause a fire to spread from your cook surface into your exhaust system ductwork. What if you have 10 filters filled with 3 pounds of grease each? Get a scale and weigh your filters now. An average filter shouldn’t weigh more than 3.5 pounds regardless of size, unless you have a specialized filter for cooking with wood or charcoal.

This internal grease buildup also causes a serious blockage of airflow. Hood filters are just like your nose. When it’s clogged it is difficult to breathe. Same thing for your hood.

When your hood can’t breathe heat builds up in your kitchen making your staff hot. When the door from the kitchen opens into the dining room the heat from the kitchen is pulled out and cool air is pulled in. This drives up AC usage and pulls greasy air into the dining room.

When your hood can’t breathe super heated air is trapped behind your hood filters. This can lead to a FLASHPOINT fire. Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which liquid grease buildup on hood filters, exhaust plenum or ductwork can form an ignitable mixture in air. This is frequently caused in restaurants by a combination of high cooking temperatures and grease clogged filters. Exhaust fans are then unable to remove hot grease laden air buildup and the perfect environment for flash point fires is created.  However an ignition source is still needed to start a flash point fire.

Have you ever watched your staff light a pilot light with a piece of paper and let the burning ember get pulled up into your hood filters? I have… many times.

Is your facility cooking with a solid fuel such as wood? Have you ever wondered what happens to the burning embers as they waft up into your filters? This is all very dangerous and very real.

Insurance providers are learning more about restaurant exhaust fires every year and they are looking to cut their payouts. Protect your customers, staff and business. Keep your filters clean and breathing. Call FilterShine Southeast today for more information. 704-659-1030.