About Our Company

KESCOR was started as an umbrella entity to facilitate the growth of the 3 Grease Management concepts we currently represent. All these concepts come together to provide the restaurant or commercial kitchen manager a choice for how they want to protect their facility from the hazards of grease.

Three Core Concepts

  • Hood Cleaning – Traditional approach, clean the grease that’s already in the exhaust system on a routine basis.
  • Filter Exchange – Newer approach. Exchange dirty filters for brand spanking new ones thereby reducing the amount of grease rising through the exhaust system by about 20%.
  • Grease Lock – Remarkable new and innovative technology utilizing a pre-filter preventing 99% of grease from going up the ducts- A totally “Green” concept.

Our mission

Provide operators of commercial kitchens options when choosing how to protect their facility from the hazards of grease and to promote greener processes to protect our environment.

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