Most Effective Disposable Grease Filter

In Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

greaselock-diagramThe new Grease Lock disposable grease removal device (DGRD) offers “green” solution by removing the grease before it enters the exhaust system, thus preventing grease accumulation in the exhaust system, reducing the frequency of cleaning it, and minimizing associated fire hazard.

Grease Lock 365™ filtration media is the most effective disposable grease extraction system in the commercial kitchen ventilation industry extracting up to 99% of airborne cooking grease reducing hazardous grease build-up in hoods, ducts and rooftops.

Grease Lock 365™ is the latest technology in multi-stage grease filtration and offers unparalleled grease extraction efficiency. The first stage consists of a dispos-able fiber filter on the back of a pad holding frame and is designed to capture up to 99% of grease particles. The second stage features a listed UL 1046 baffle filter.

Grease Lock 365™ is available for new kitchen hoods and can also be retrofitted into most existing ventilation systems. It will substantially reduce cleaning, mainte-nance cycles and attendant expenses, providing greater overall cost savings than other grease capture devices or systems on the market today.

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