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Whether you have a chain of fast food franchise outlets, one restaurant or a commercial/ institutional kitchen, your can always count of Kescor for reliable, thorough and professional kitchen hood, filter and exhaust system cleaning.  We make it easy:  we schedule around your needs, we always show up on time, and we don’t cut corners.  All of our work conforms to the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 96 guidelines.  To make your job easier, you can even access your maintenance records online through our client portal.

Why Kitchen Exhaust Hoods Need Cleaned and Maintained

Cleaning the kitchen hood and exhaust is a standard part of routine maintenance of any cooking establishment.  Grease and cooking contaminants accumulate and the hood, filters and exhaust ducts need cleaned and degreased.

The majority of restaurant grease fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliance (Stove, grill, etc) and flare upward into the kitchens exhaust system. In order to minimize this, regular maintenance and grease removal of a restaurant’s hood & duct system necessary, as it is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards.  By keeping your kitchen’s exhaust system clean you will not only reduce the risk of kitchen fires but also improve ventilation, keeping your kitchen cooler, reducing the “greasy smell” in your restaurant and saving on HVAC cooling costs.

Kescor offers trouble-free kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning and maintenance programs.

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Filter Cleaning Process

We start by removing, degreasing and cleaning the filters.  We clean kitchen hood filters in a controlled environment and make sure any grease/residue is disposed of properly.  We never clean hood filters outside where the grease and contaminants can end up in our drainage systems and end up in our lakes, streams and rivers.  When necessary, we also replace hood filters.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Duct and Vent Cleaning Process

We start cleaning the kitchen exhaust on the roof and clean from fan, blades and vents, working from the highest point down through all of the exhaust ducts to the lowest point.  While the steps to this process seem simple, what is important is that as much grease as possible is removed.  Whether someone can see the grease from the kitchen or not is not indicative of a clean system.

Scheduled Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Maintenance

How often your commercial kitchen needs its exhaust and hood system cleaned depends on a variety of factors- state and local ordinances, how much usage your kitchen gets, and what your are cooking with.  Most establishments have their restaurant kitchen exhaust systems cleaned semi-annually, or quarterly, while some fast food establishments need it monthly.

Creosote Removal from Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

In addition to having the perils of a greasy exhaust systems, restaurants with open pits, meat smokers, wood ovens and wood stoves also accumulate creosote in their hood and exhaust duct systems, which can be dangerous to humans.  Creosote is a toxic gas created by the incomplete combustion of wood.  It lines the exhaust duct work with a black film.  In addition to being toxic and a carcinogen, creosote also has a surprising low flashpoint (temperature it takes to catch on fire)- 165 degrees.  This risk is similar to the risk of a chimney fire when improperly maintained.

Choosing a exhaust hood cleaning company may be even more important when you have a commercial wood oven or stove.  There is only one approved process to clean creosote and grease from a commercial exhaust system- This is done by implementing an effective wood-fired oven cleaning procedure based on NFPA 96 procedures.  The system should be cleaned monthly, and care must always be used when disposing the solid black debris, to ensure the particlates don’t become airborne and contaminate the kitchen and other parts of the establishment.  Kescor is widely recognized as experts in creosote removal for exhaust hood and duct cleaning for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

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