Cleaning Grease Hood Filters in Warewashing Machines Causes Cross Contamination

4-204.114 Warewashing Machines, Internal Baffles.

Warewashing machine wash and rinse tanks shall be equipped with baffles, curtains, or other means to minimize internal cross contamination of the solutions in wash and rinse tanks.

Warewashing machines (dish washing machines) are designed to sanitize cooking equipment and utensils. They are not designed or permitted to be used for cleaning/degreasing equipment.

Grease filters are a listed component of the exhaust hood system and are considered equipment. Grease filters are not permitted to come in contact with food preparation surfaces and therefore are not required to be “sanitized”. Cleaning Grease Hood Filters in Warewashing Machines causes Cross Contamination.

Stop this bad practice today and avoid fines and potential shut downs from the Health Department.