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Is every member of your restaurant staff trained to deal with a kitchen grease fire?

Eric Dyer

Is every member of your restaurant staff trained to deal with a kitchen grease fire? If the answer is no, it’s time to start training.

Grease fires are extremely dangerous so everyone from the front and back of the house should know what to do if one occurs.

Statistically, most restaurant kitchen fires start in deep fryers. When fryer exhaust ports get grease clogged they cannot properly vent heat. Then temperatures can rise to the point where the buildup can ignite into a fire.

If this happens someone should immediately pull the suppression system manual activation red handle.

Training Tip 1: make sure everyone knows where it is.

Training Tip 2: instruct them when to pull it, and to pull it hard to activate. This will release chemical agents that will snuff out fires. This also cuts off the gas and electric to the cooking line to prevent further power from fueling fires.

Training Tip 3: Discharge the silver “Class K” extinguisher on the (hopefully) extinguished fire. Stay as far back as possible and empty the entire extinguisher by pointing it at the base of where the fire was. This will help to prevent the fire from flaring up again. Code requires K extinguishers to be mounted within 30’ of any oil-based cooking appliance for this reason. They are under low pressure to prevent grease fires from spreading. That is why you never use a Red ABC extinguisher on a grease fire. They are under high pressure.

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