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PART 1: COVID-19 Restaurant Shutdowns & The Dangers of >72 Degrees in a Grease Duct

Eric Dyer

The abrupt closing of restaurants caused the immediate cancellation of maintenances, including hood cleaning. This left more than 3-months of dangerous grease buildup. This article will examine the impacts of that buildup.


Kescor inspects and services automatic warehouse roof mounted smoke vents per NFPA 204.

Eric Dyer

Smoke vents are life-saving devices. Regular diligent inspections and maintenance are required to ensure the units perform as designed. It is up-to building owners and facilities managers to keep their units in working shape.


Kescor's Fire Prevention Checklist.

Eric Dyer

Kescor's Fire Prevention Checklist. Please download it and post it for your staff to use.


Is every member of your restaurant staff trained to deal with a kitchen grease fire?

Eric Dyer

Is every member of your restaurant staff trained to deal with a kitchen grease fire? If the answer is no, it’s time to start training. Grease fires are extremely dangerous so everyone from the front and back of the house should know what to do if one occurs.


How many fire extinguishers does my building need?

Eric Dyer

Extinguisher requirements for commercial buildings are defined by the type of fires they put out. Class A fires are comprised of ordinary combustible products like wood/paper. Class B fires involve flammable liquids/gases, and Class C involves electrical wiring.


What Is Hydrostatic Testing?

Eric Dyer

Hydrostatic, aka "Hydro", testing tests the strengths and weaknesses of fire suppression cylinders and extinguishers to find leaks and deformities which may cause them to fail.



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