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How many fire extinguishers does my building need?

Eric Dyer

Extinguisher requirements for commercial buildings are defined by the type of fires they put out. Class A fires are comprised of ordinary combustible products like wood/paper. Class B fires involve flammable liquids/gases, and Class C involves electrical wiring.

Tip: Buy multi-purpose ABC extinguishers to use on any of these threats.

Next determine the hazard level. This determines the location, type and number of extinguishers required. These levels are categorized as light, ordinary, and extra.

Light hazards are places like schools and churches with minimal fire risk. An extinguisher must be located every linear 75’.

Ordinary hazards are businesses like stores and parking garages. Flammable materials sit closely together, but ignition sources may or may not be present. Extinguishers must be within 50’ of the threats.

Extra hazards are facilities like furniture upholstery and manufacturing facilities that have a high quantity of combustible contents, flammable liquids, and ignition sources. Obviously, these facilities require larger extinguishers and more of them.

Commercial kitchens with a deep fryer are required to have a "K Class" extinguisher within 30’ of it.

Fires are extremely dangerous, so only use your extinguisher to put out small fires. In a large fire use them to get out of danger, and then contact the FD.

Call Kescor to help you pick the right extinguishers for your business.

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