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Kescor inspects and services automatic warehouse roof mounted smoke vents per NFPA 204.

Eric Dyer

Smoke vents are life-saving devices.

Regular diligent inspections and maintenance are required to ensure the units perform as designed. It is up-to building owners and facilities managers to keep their units in working shape.

Annual inspection schedules for each smoke vent shall be written out detailed with dates and procedures.


Kescor Inspection Details:
We look for changes in appearance, damage to fasteners, weather tightness, adjacent roofing/ flashing condition, and any other deficiencies.

Inspection Actions:
We activate the doors by pulling the manual release and inspecting the designed travel motion. Doors should open fully without assistance or interruption. With doors open, we inspect the restraining cable system and note/correct any interferences. All operating levers, latches, hinges and weather-sealed surfaces will be examined to determine conditions and accumulation of foreign materials. An operational test will also be performed after any issues are corrected.

Smoke vent fusible links have a life expectancy of 5 years and will be replaced with new matching temperature rated links if required during the annual inspection. This ensures the smoke vent doors will not interfere with any sprinkler or first response systems so the sprinklers can engage as designed.

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